2. oldshowbiz:

    I interviewed Mel Brooks onstage the other night.

    Oh. Man.

    I’ve known Kliph for years (he opened for a band of mine a couple times back in Vancouver in his insult comic persona Shecky Grey) and look at him now: known and respected by his heroes for being the go-to guy for knowledge of comedy history.

    Maybe you know his blog? Or maybe you’ve heard the episode of WTF with Marc Maron he was on?

    Anyway, here is the other night with Mel Brooks at the Sid Caesar Tribute.

    Nice work, my friend.  Nice work..


  3. plays: 18

    Billy Nicholls “Feeling Easy” (from Would You Believe 1968)



  5. plays: 24

    The Beach Boys “Hold On Dear Brother” (from Carl & the Passions - So Tough 1972)


  6. plays: 32


    Yoko Ono—“Nobody Sees Me Like You Do”

    Season of Glass (DGC 1981).

    underrated record.


  7. plays: 292


    The Kinks - I’m on an Island (1965)

    A transitional period for the Kinks. I’m not sure if the Kinks are trying to play ska or sound vaguely “Caribbean” on this song, but they only succeed in sounding a bit whoozy - still, I have great fondness for this song, so much so that I used to try to play it with one my bands.  We could never get the rhythm, and now listening with fresh ears, I’m not sure Mick Avory got it either.  Nice piano by Nick Hopkins.

    Killer Kinks.


  8. nevver:

    Dusk, New Jersey, 1978

    One of my all-time favourites.

    (via bendybendy)


  9. plays: 61


    The Velvet Underground - Friends (1973)

    Doug Yule attempts to recreate Loaded - this song’s actually fairly good, but the rest of the album is drivel.

    Actually, I like the whole record but yes, this is clearly the best song on it.




  12. oldshowbiz:

    at a taping of the Honeymooners

    Just look at this. 


  13. Tom Devlin, cooking.

    By Pascal Girard.

    (Source: monsieurpascalgirard)


  14. Grimmertown ‘98