1. plays: 6

    Cardinal “You’ve Lost Me There” (from Cardinal 1994)

    Like most sensible people, I’m aware of the insidiousness of RSD but, of course, I’m happy to have something I love appear on vinyl again. 


  2. The Revolutionaries “Killer Dub” (from Vital Dub Well Charged 1976)


  3. Near the corner of the intersection, in front of the synagogue, the boys watched the pigeon flap around, staccato blue-grey blurs and thin, hollow slaps on the street.

    Girls across the street gathered in a bunch and held each other’s hand or their own mouths while the watched. The bird stopped for second, neck twisted, chest inflated -, and one boy stepped from the curb to nudge it with his foot.

    The bird convulsed again and the boy leapt back and into the arms of his comrades. The girls screeched in small chorus. 


  4. Chris Forsyth: guitar, vocal
    Paul Sukeena: guitar
    Peter Kerlin: bass guitar
    Steven Urgo: drums

    Recorded 9/13/13 @ Little Berlin, Philadelphia PA
    Taper: Sebastian Petsu
    Photo: Marshall Kavanaugh


  5. Clubber Lang

    We met at the meet ‘n greet

    That is all.


  6. plays: 4

    Sonic Youth “Sleepin Around” (from Rather Ripped 2006)


  7. Fair Vaccinations

    Take your hard drive on vacation

    meet a hobo/he will rob you

    you will die


  8. Protomartyr “Scum, Rise” (from Under Color of Official Right) 2014


  9. plays: 28

    Jesse Winchester “Snow” (from Jesse Winchester 1970)



  10. plays: 30

    Hackamore Brick “I Watched You Rhumba” (from One Kiss Leads to Another 1970)


  11. comicsworkbook:

    Jessica Campbell

    "Mile End"

    Made for Comics Workbook


  12. Beefheart favourites.


  13. necessary music.



  15. oldshowbiz:

    I interviewed Mel Brooks onstage the other night.

    Oh. Man.

    I’ve known Kliph for years (he opened for a band of mine a couple times back in Vancouver in his insult comic persona Shecky Grey) and look at him now: known and respected by his heroes for being the go-to guy for knowledge of comedy history.

    Maybe you know his blog? Or maybe you’ve heard the episode of WTF with Marc Maron he was on?

    Anyway, here is the other night with Mel Brooks at the Sid Caesar Tribute.

    Nice work, my friend.  Nice work..